Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services



Here at QR Sport we are fully equipped to service and diagnose automotive air conditioning systems, our services include:

– UV Dye Leak Detection.
– Vacuum Leak Testing.
– Anti-Bacterial Treatment.
– Air Con System Recharge.
– Fault Diagnostics & Repairs.

There is no service schedule for my air con, When should it be done?
Your quiet right air conditioning isn’t included in your vehicles annual service, As a general guide we would highly recommend a recharge once every 2 years for optimum performance.

Did you know Air Conditioning is also useful in the winter?
It’s true! asides from keeping the cabin temperatures down in the summer Air Conditioning is also widely used for de-misting the windscreens during a winters morning…

This works due air con systems emitting warm dry air, whereas regular auxiliary heating emits humid ambient air clearing the windscreen much slower than if used via the A/C.